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Our Services

We care deeply about cultivating nourishing environments where you truly belong.

Our consultancy services involve walking with you along your individual journey. We acknowledge and appreciate your creativity and the relationship you already have with your spaces. We will activate the joy, pride and happiness that comes from expressing your personal creativity to manifest your own space.

We develop, clearly illustrate and deliver the dream space you have been longing to create. We are facilitators of growth and atunement. Our work will bring you to deeper resonance with your home, workspace and community.

Your experience in working with ALC will entail deep listening, an understanding of your needs and the design of a plan to help transform your life through a stronger and creative alignment with your living or work environment. Our skills and experience have been generated through years of helping clients bring their homes and workplaces alive with resonance and well-being.

Unsure about how to move forward? Why not book a complementary one to one call to see how we can help you in your journey.

Attuning to your needs

We perceive the subtle underlying connections between you, your project and your environment. Seeing and creating a dance with patterns; sculpting an interwovenness that brings an experience of harmony and wholeness. We are weaving together each of these elements into what is emerging. Each element is part of the recipe for your unique wholeness.

Step 1

RELATE: We create connection and a relationship with our clients, through which we begin to  build the whole context: space, budget and environment of the project.

Step 2

UNDERSTAND: Through understanding the elements in this context, we articulate the misalignments and feel into the creative possibilities.

Step 4

IMPLEMENT: We implement the design in the physical world and make room for spontaneous emergence and play.

Step 5

EXPERIENCE: We test the new space with you, integrating your inputs and feedback.

Step 3

DESIGN: Our design process involves tuning into the natural elements and creating the best place possible to meet your needs, whether living, working, relaxing, exercising, or all of the above. 

Step 6

COMPLETE: You are the recipient of a new space.

Find your path

“Ní neart go cur le chéile”

We are better together.


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