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Attuning your Home, Workplace and Community

Bringing  Harmony and Wholeness

Holistic Interior Design

Beautiful harmonious wholeness for your home, work and community

Over time, people often find that they have become out of alignment with their home. Ideally, our homes represent a safe and welcoming space where we can be at our best – but sometimes home becomes a place of chaos, subtly adding stress to our lives.

We are passionate about delivering restorative spaces that positively impact your health and wellbeing.

ALC specialises in the aliveness and connectivity of people and spaces. We can transform your relationship with your home and workplace through artful design.


Examples of our work

Home: Gallery


"Aimee is an artist. She has a masterful eye for bringing life, vibrancy, and connection into the spaces she designs. It's like she can look at a space and see it's potential for facilitating meaningful human connection. She transformed our living room into a welcoming and alive space."

Scott and Rayann, CA

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