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Founder; Aimee Hartshorn

Aimee is the Founder and Creative Director of ALC. Growing up in a farm in Ireland, Aimee was blessed to be engulfed by the beautiful natural landscape from a young age. She was born into a family of builders and makers, which helped navigate her personal passion for design and craftsmanship. Aimee’s passion for creating beauty in the world really started to shine thought (when she excelled in her chosen field, achieving a first class honours in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design from Dublin Institute of Technology. Shortly after, Aimee moved to London, where she exhibited her earlier work at the esteemed Earls court with 100% Design and Design Boom. In London Aimee gained over a decade of experience in high-end residential and hospitality industries. She specialised in cabinetry, specialist materials and Interior Design. She was an Associate in the highly esteemed Studio Reed, focusing on luxury properties in London and working with developers such as Native Land, and Lansgrove. Her work has taken her around the world visiting design exhibitions, specialist suppliers and makers.

Being ever curious, Aimee has continued to travel the world and has gained invaluable knowledge of materials, cultures, crafts, and community living. As she has grown so has her interest in understanding the world. She cares deeply about how design can positively nurture growth and development for our evolutionary path. She had the unique experience to be part of Generating Transformative Change, a course that brings together thought leaders who are looking to make a positive impact in the world.

Leadership at ALC is about listening, understanding, caring, supporting, trusting, surrender to what arises and having fun!


"As busy working parents to two fabulously energetic children, I was finding it stressful trying to figure out and fit in changing up their room to ensure there was enough space for 2 beds and space for their toys and for them to play in. On top of that I wanted to update all the furnishings in our living room but found it so hard to find the time and capacity to do that.  Aimee removed all that stress by calling to us for an initial consultation and calmly and thoughtfully assessing every room and listening to what we wanted. She drew up a variety of different schemes for us to choose from. She made everything so simple for us and I was really delighted at how thorough she was. We found Aimee extremely professional with exceptional attention to detail. We are overjoyed with the transformation she did with the kids’ room and what a difference she has made to our living room. I highly recommend Aimee if you are looking for a clear-headed home designer who makes decision making very simple and who organises curtain fittings, cabinet making,  painting, delivery of furnishings-the full service."

Melaine & David, Dublin


Anima Lunar Collective

Anima Lunar Collective is inspired by the essence of the moon and are inspired by her strong, deep force and her ability to light a dark night.


She shines equally brightly on all of us, and so we honour the “We Space,” knowing that we are better together, co-creating, co-harmonising, and co-evolving.

Creating connection through creating community; ALC understand the importance of community and togetherness. We heal and we grow when we are together. ALC is very passionate about designing for nourishing communities.

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