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Our Philosophy

At ALC we touch the ground lightly, while being amongst it and contributing to the evolutionary path.

Our values grow with us and sculpt the collective.

  • Creativity & Joy

  • Environment & Nature

  • Healing

  • Community

  • Harmony

We align our work with Biophilia, Neuro-design, Feng Shui and our understanding of Human Development. This allows ALC to gain a clear understanding of your different layers, while channelling through and attuning energic equilibrium for you. In addition to this we also work close with the land to understand what is truly suited for the vernacular setting of the environment. We weave healing of self, elements, and the land in harmony.

Creating connection with your home, nature and supporting a deeper connection with others.

“Is treise an dúchas ná an oillúint”

No matter how much we are taught, nothing is as powerful as a brush with nature.

Delivering intentionally restorative spaces that positively impact your health and wellbeing

Your sense of wellbeing plays a key role in how you interact with your space and the healing of our planet. If you can create different ways to meet your basic needs to feel safe, secure and held with love and compassion, this can allow you to open the door to take your next steps on the winding road. Does it matter if you can't see the where the road ends? Are you willing to take the step ahead? We are here for you.

Respect and honouring the planet is fundamental to ALC. We will guide and encourage our client to use nonchemical products and methods. We focus on supporting suppliers that are Net-Zero and carbon neutral. Where we can, we guide and encourage zero waste, upcycling and recycling.

We endeavour to work with local materials & makers, companies that have B-corp, LEED or Cradle to Cradle Certified, or that share our sustanability focus.

We actively seek out suppliers and manufactures that work to harmonise their products with the planet. We are keen and open to support and promote these companies. We encourage such companies to get in touch with us.

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